Therfield Heath


Explore the open views from Therfield Heath, with its woodland footpaths, the rare pasque flower and chalk tracks. Therfield Heath is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and local nature reserve, known locally as Royston Heath.

It has training gallops for horses on its slopes and is a popular spot with dog walkers, birdwatchers and the very many sports organisations in Royston.   The Heath is a Common on which sheep are still regularly grazed.

Discover the Pasque flower, in late March to early May, which grows on the well drained chalky soil of Church Hill. “Pasque” means “like Paschal” or “of Easter” and legend tells that it springs from the blood of dead Vikings!

The Heath contains a long barrow, thought to be Neolithic, and several bronze age round barrows, all of which English Heritage classes as scheduled ancient monuments.

Baldock Road, Royston, Herts SG8 5GB

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