Youth Employment

As part of our commitment to helping Royston to be a vibrant town, Royston First BID is carrying out research for a new potential initiative that will benefit the youth of our town, the business community, and the wider community.

Youth provision has been highlighted as ‘lacking’ by our local policing team, and this has a direct impact on anti-social behaviour.

At Royston First BID, we are looking to facilitate the provision of work opportunities for the young community, specifically 14–16-year-olds.

If the initiative takes off, this may look like a directory on the Royston Town website and promotions to signpost businesses and young people looking for voluntary or paid work.

What are the benefits of Royston First’s Youth Employment Project?

For Royston’s young people, the project offers an opportunity to:

For Royston’s businesses, this is an opportunity to:

What next?

We are asking Royston’s businesses and other organisations if they can provide a voluntary or paid work opportunity, on a part-time basis to a young person aged 14-16.

To register your interest, please contact us at by 30th June 2023.

You can also visit our website ** for information on the project and the requirements for employers.